Mandarin: the language of the future

At Norwich we believe that the rapidly growing influence of China in our region should not be underestimated and that for the majority of young people interaction with China through business, their professions, travel, media or other cultural exchanges will form a significant part of their adult lives.

For this reason, we have made Mandarin a compulsory foreign language to be studied from Nursery right through to IGCSE. By doing so we believe we will be giving our students a distinct career advantage within the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Mandarin studies begin in Nursery (2-year olds) with one period per week and the time allocation increases to 2 periods per week for Kindergarten (3-year olds) to Year 2, then increases again to 3 periods per week for Year 3 and 4, For Year 5 and above the students have 4 period per week, be dedicating this time to Mandarin, we can ensure that a full and comprehensive language programme can be delivered.
All our fully qualified Mandarin teachers are recruited from China and possess the necessary English communication skills to integrate with our international community at the school.