Message from The Chairman of The Board

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Board of Governors page and to a school that has strived from its early beginnings to include all stakeholders in its governance. From our opening day, back in 2014, we quickly made creating an inclusive board a priority and since that date teachers and parents from all parts of the school have been represented and helped to guide the direction of our school.

In any new school that is growing rapidly there are always ups and downs and our board meetings have reflected this with some candid and contentious opinions sometimes being aired. This has been taken on board in the spirit of good faith and I am pleased to say we have made significant progress because of it.


Now in 2018 the Board will continue with the process of international accreditation with the Council of International Schools (CIS), with all the hard work that comes with it, but I have no doubt we will take it in our stride and emerge a stronger more professional school.

Kind regards

Geoff Potter

Chairman of the Board of Governors